Undoubtedly, the best site on the Net to begin researching virus outbreaks in Malaysia. Dr M Vadivale is a conscientious webber and updates his site very regularly. You will find a wide range of links here to medical journals, forums, articles and reports on JE, Paramyxo and Chikungunya outbreaks. His choice of music, however, seems incongruous with the material at hand. Still cudos to Dr Vadivale - where he finds the time to do this one wonders.

Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
The official government website on the outbreak includes general info on JE and paramyxo viruses the latest death toll and number of cases and a mildly interesting Q & A.

The Star's JE Outbreak page
Unfortunately a misnomer, but the first newspaper to actually create a dedicated online section and think, hey, this might be important. Contains a facility to donate to the JE Humanitarian Fund directly and a useful search engine to look for stories for the week.

Health ONE, Faculty of Medicine, Singapore
Good news site, regularly updated on the viral outbreak in Malaysia.

National Poison Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia
News snippets on JE and this interesting commentary.

ProMED: The Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases
Useful mailing list run by medical professionals and the first to break the news that a new unknown virus was killing the pig farming community. Check out May, April and March postings.

Centers of Diseases Control, Atlanta, JE fact page
The experts on JE with the first clear photo of a Culex mosquito. Also read article by John S. Mackenzie of the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia on Emerging Viral Diseases: An Australian Perspective and Theodore Tsai on JE Vaccines.

Department of Medical Entomology, University of Sydney and Westmead Hospital, Australia
Australian experts have their say on JE.

Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia
Contains a press release from the director general and strangely enough the latest prices of chicken.

A Useful Chronology of Events
Updated by a group of people known as the Pahlawan Volunteers